Seasons of Life

For so many years, I mean like over a decade, my winter season felt as if I was dead and I was just drifting from day to day, year to year, with no hope in sight of change.  I will die just existing in the doldrums of life.
Finally getting enough energy to walk through my counselor’s door years ago to hear her say that I was almost dead, was no surprise to me.  I felt dead.  It was a last-ditch effort to get my life back by trusting her, from the many hurts and pull myself out of the isolation I allowed to overtake me.
While it it did not come immediate, each session brought light to my dark mind of insecurities and struggles of placing one foot in front of the other.  So many times, I have been thankful that our bodies (my body) has the ability to maintain itself when we give up.  Meaning, the heart beats on its own and the lungs breath in and out without being told to.  Otherwise, I don’t think I would be here and at this time in my life.  I had no energy to make it happen.
As we go through the actual seasons each year, our lives do, too.  As my Pastor will say, if you are not in a trial now, you are either coming out of one or you will be going into one.  My thought to myself each time he said that was ‘just great’ in a sarcastic tone.   It does not matter who you are or what you do, we are not exempt of struggles and we all experience seasons in our lives.
Being reminded of the seasons today in a post that I read, I realized I am not in the dead-winter season, as I once was, which felt good to grasp and realize that changes have happened within me.
While not in the lively spring season or the flourishing summer but perhaps in the transititioning autumn season and I am okay with that.  At times I catch a glimpse of the others and I get excited.  Thank God I am not where I was!
My mind constantly reminding me though, knowing winter will come again.  Those thoughts are just the enemy to destroy any joy. With that, I have a choice of having fear hit my mind or I can praise the Lord of where I am and be joyful.  I choose the latter, it feels good to be alive.
No matter what season you or I may be in today or tomorrow, the Lord is still with you/us.  In the winter months, the root system grows deep and He is allowing that in each of us as it comes.  Trusting Him to strengthen our faith and trust in Him to help others do the same.

Consider the Source

There are some people in our lives that have a way of rubbing us the wrong way.  Please tell me that I am not the only one.

F15562F9-6F12-419A-9F93-6B4F5AF89DD4While this one person, just today, and in all places, at church felt it was her duty to make a point visually and verbally state that my hair was too short.

Actually, I was having a good hair day, so I thought.  Nothing like being put down within five minutes of arriving a church.

The thought of just leaving as that took a bit to counteract the lack of self-confidence that I lack in at times and then to find a mirror or glass to view my head and apparent short hair to her.

I did not leave and continued to work the welcome desk, I pulled my little mirror out and I still thought it look nice.

What would possess her to do this to me?   Holding her hand up in a scissor sign although I thought first it was holding her hand up as in a gun up to her head.   Then asking her if all was okay and there it was, her comment making sure I knew of her dislike of my hair and the haircut. Stating it was too short for her liking and telling me so yet again.   I could have made a comment but I just looked at her and gave her a real big shoulder shrug with facial expression of who cares.  I was shocked I did that. 80FC76B5-B8AD-4CA8-8D78-067BA7BEFE6A

I went on about my business and enjoyed the church service.  Sitting there, I realized she was just a distraction to cause me to dwell on her negative comment.   I saw it as it was, just that.   I chose to not dwell but consider the source and brush it off.  Realizing, consider the source.

Many months ago, we had a situation between us, which could be a whole other writing, but afterward she pulled me to the side to ask for forgiveness and then turned right around and accused me of something out of the blue and definitely incorrect.  What?   What is this woman’s deal?  I realized that day that our ties were to be broken and today was just a reminder.

The old saying that still rings true… if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all.

On the flip side, if you see something nice or pretty whether a person, thing, an act of kindness, etc., I encourage you to say so.

People are always open to heartfelt, honest compliments and need them.  We all need them.

* Encouragement not Discouragement *

It was just interesting today how I could have dug a hole with her comment, leave church and not hear the sermon, which was awesome and encouraging because of her rude statement.2AD2AFC8-045E-4AFD-B38A-0BE69C605782

My counselor would have been so proud of how I bounced back.  I was proud of myself.

There are some people that you avoid and sadly some are in the church.  I’ve got her number but I will continue to go forward in my worship and serving the Lord and not allow her to be a distraction.

Whether it’s me or it’s you in such a situation, keep your eyes upon the Lord.  Beware of the distractions.

He knows, He hears and He sees all.