Be Present in the Moment

99945BE3-FF9F-4679-9A88-5A64A14E6702So many of us are apt to grab our cell phones to video or snap a pic to capture our kids performing, or a selfie of all while they are with is at a dinner or a family gathering, when we see something pretty, etc. While that is all perfect and fine to keep the memories alive but to be present in the moment is worth more and touches your own heart.

The other night I was so reminded of this fact. I did the exact thing mentioned as my husband and I drove through the Christmas lights that is a popular park to go through during the holiday season in our area. It was absolutely beautiful and some areas more than the others. Impressive.

Something I had wanted to do for years but nobody else did, so we or I didn’t.

As we drove and admired the synchronized lights flash to the tune of the radio station programmed, I was in awe. The little girl within me came alive, too, with joy. What a night it was to take time to drive the distance and go through the maze of lights.

Hanging out the windows somewhat as other children 07B9A640-9930-4AC6-9167-6BE826CBE793were, and adults also, I noticed the feelings within of the little girl that I lost long ago. Being old now, part of me could have just broke down and cried a river because I have had such a hard time connecting to my inner child, but I did while doing this simple act of slowing down and taking time.  We all have an inner child.

Connecting to that inner child, we not only experience the joy and fun, but also have fun and sense it within. I felt the child raise up inside me, if just for a little bit.  This was a breakthrough for me. In the inner child, we can also find answers to past trauma that has been buried deep within and with proper care and attention, healing will come. That night though, I need joy.

As I was taking pics with my cell phone in order to keep and perhaps share on Facebook, of course, certain times my light would come on, flash, and possibly distort the pic or annoy the car in front of us, no doubt. For the life of me, I did not know how to turn that flash off.

Just thirty minutes before, while waiting to start the light show, I skimmed my posts on Facebook. You know, just in case I needed to know what another person is doing, etc. This one therapy, encouragement post though was about being in the moment and how we must … Enjoy it!  I needed that and so glad I grabbed onto those words when I did.

Of course, after many attempts of finding the right icon to flip the light flash off, without success, I missed some of the lights while seeing them kinda sorta but not really enjoying them. The post I just read at the beginning popped in my head, which said, ‘enjoy the moment, take it in.’

img_0359With that, I put my phone away and did just that while even saying aloud, ‘be in the moment.’  I did! I noticed the joy and excitement grow within me as an old lady admiring the beauty of it all and appreciating the talent that went in to make this production happen.  Most rewarding was when my inner child that could sense the excitement of Christmas and joy she once felt as a child, which made it all worthwhile.

As adults, we need to learn to stop and play along the way.  Work is important and family, too, but we lose ourselves many times.  Sadly, sometimes many of us drown out trauma and abuse with many things to avoid the deep recesses in our lives.   I am no exception, I forgot how to play and enjoy life around me and I avoided areas through the years.

Go do something fun. If just jumping in mud puddles, blowing bubbles, making snow angels, take time to drive around to see or through Christmas lights, etc., as the child within needs to do just that. Have fun!img_0328

Lesson learned that night, as I plan to not make excuses of not doing fun things and to put the cell phone away and be in the moment.

Do it! Feel it! Enjoy it!

🎄 Merry Christmas 🎄

Holding It Together?

As  I scanned my Facebook pages today, the counseling/therapy/positive group pages, I am amazed of how many, just today, are on fear and anxiety.  E4744521-880F-438D-9E28-1238D89B698D

While I know this is an everyday occurrence for many, myself included, today they just seem to stand out more.  Perhaps this is a sign, I need to focus more on and get a deeper understanding of what I am going through myself.  No qualms there.

Sadly, these days there are many that are experiencing these emotions and feeling hopelessness.  It’s not just the average Joe out there or those down on their luck, but Pastors, Attorneys, etc.  Nobody is exempt from the thoughts, emotions and even suicide.

Many will say ‘I’m Fine’ but that is not always true. Pay attention if you say it or hear that. We are ones to use that phrase so casually, to ignore what is really happening within or to not bother others. Oftentimes, others won’t bother to ask if that is fact and ask, are you really?  People just need to know somebody cares.
I don’t know where you are in this phase of life or others you may know, but know this, there is help.

Of course, I am going to say God and truly He is there 24/7 and loves you like no other but even with Him, many feel so worthless to call upon Him.  How do I know?  I’ve been there.

Hopefully, just talking to someone whether it be a friend or family member will help but I know that can sometimes be futile, as nobody is available to listen and leaves you feeling more alone.  Again, how do I know?  I’ve been there.  Why try.

If you are able, find a good Counselor that will listen and guide you.  There is nothing wrong if you see one.  Don’t let others place condemnation upon you for taking care of you.  Sadly, church and/or its members are typical of placing this stigma, as in having a lack of faith.  How do I know?  Been through it.

Seeing a Counselor, it will be helpful although not always easy as you deal and dig into areas that you never dreamed was an issue but makes sense of why you may be feeling these emotions.  You know what I am going to say next.  How do I know?  I am presently seeing a Counselor and have been.  I’m taking care of me.

So dear friend, know that what you are experiencing is only temporary.  We will all go through things in life and will feel overwhelmed in areas that can take you by surprise at times. Just don’t stay there.

Practice self-care, get some rest, breathing exercises, go out and walk.  Easier said than done, I know, but it does help.

Life can get overwhelming.  You are stronger than you think. Trust Him!

You’ve got this!

Check your Settings!

48E34A7F-BB5F-4685-9E25-6D467CBCB473Today as I wondered why a normal, daily post from a friend was not showing on Facebook, I wondered and became worried about her and thoughts of what is wrong.       Where are you?  Dealing with abandonment issues in life, I sensed panic within and thoughts start bombarding my mind

Trying to remain calm, I still feel the anxiousness and feel the aloneness.  Surely, there is a good reason but I could not grasp.

It was not until I was at a stop light later after work with this still tossing in my mind and I pulled up her group page.  There she is, and in fact two posts, one being a video.  She was there all along.

After feeling so stupid for the panic I put myself in throughout the day, I realized that this is just like we do in life at times and carrying all our troubles alone.   Sometimes feeling hopeless.   Lost, alone and not knowing what to do or where to go.

We are not alone.  God is with us all the time and there is no need to feel abandoned, afraid, etc.  Our settings in life just get turned off and we feel we can handle everything without Him.  Works for awhile but life is better with Him and He’s been there all the time, which brings peace.  Just like finding my friend.  I had to change my settings.

Trust Him! 4DFA2561-27B9-4FE1-A10C-F2DA1DF4E996