Check your Settings!

48E34A7F-BB5F-4685-9E25-6D467CBCB473Today as I wondered why a normal, daily post from a friend was not showing on Facebook, I wondered and became worried about her and thoughts of what is wrong.       Where are you?  Dealing with abandonment issues in life, I sensed panic within and thoughts start bombarding my mind

Trying to remain calm, I still feel the anxiousness and feel the aloneness.  Surely, there is a good reason but I could not grasp.

It was not until I was at a stop light later after work with this still tossing in my mind and I pulled up her group page.  There she is, and in fact two posts, one being a video.  She was there all along.

After feeling so stupid for the panic I put myself in throughout the day, I realized that this is just like we do in life at times and carrying all our troubles alone.   Sometimes feeling hopeless.   Lost, alone and not knowing what to do or where to go.

We are not alone.  God is with us all the time and there is no need to feel abandoned, afraid, etc.  Our settings in life just get turned off and we feel we can handle everything without Him.  Works for awhile but life is better with Him and He’s been there all the time, which brings peace.  Just like finding my friend.  I had to change my settings.

Trust Him! 4DFA2561-27B9-4FE1-A10C-F2DA1DF4E996



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