Write to Heal

1B8A561F-D74F-48BF-BE5E-FB507F9A26BDYes, that title is correct. I write to heal and I also have a right to heal in my writing.

To journal, to blog, to do whatever to get your thoughts out of your mind, will help. Take time and do it.

BC48FDD7-557E-4DD8-8BE6-6DA5BD9E9E20While I write because it is therapeutic to me and many do, not for monetary gain, but for emotional clarity and healing.  Sometimes that just might be more beneficial.

The other night I read a blog and I felt discouraged afterward but, of course, I realized they were selling their F7610B60-0DAE-42C7-9FFA-5F07ACD0AE57site to help others blog and make money.  I understand that and while their points are legitimate in being a blogger. I will take what I can and learn from it but continue, as is, as I need healing and will grow from it, if just for me.

I am not going to stop because of their input and because of the discouragement felt, which I have done through life to accommodate others.

We all are on a journey.  Perhaps one day, somebody will  read something I wrote and will feel relieved that they are not alone.   To have that happen, knowing you are not alone; it is like a peace and from within them, hope comes alive.

So write from your heart, blog, journal, draw, just be creative to see the words or artwork be displayed in front of your eyes from your fingertips to express what is on your mind and felt within.  Your mind will be less full of the chaos and your body less stressed from carrying it around.

Be free, heal and share.


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