7F1B569C-FE5D-414E-8D88-9800E6CC0890Temporary, seems to be the word of the day or maybe this week.  Time will tell. Moving to our temporary office location, I keep hearing the others in the office repeat and remind themselves of this fact.

All evening, I have been in blah-ville.  Ever been there?   B5AA4D88-7B3E-434D-A4E5-AB827BB5D91FJust could not shake the sadness of grief, memories and the tears came easy.  I’ve done so well but realizing these thoughts and feelings are only temporary.  I understand them.

While receiving a text from my best sister-like, friend, of her situation living out west, as we both are settling in for bedtime, she expressed what she went through today and also said, it’s only temporary.

I know without a doubt that a good night’s sleep will bring new strength tomorrow.

Just know and reminding myself, it’s only temporary.



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