I’m Fine, Right?

62E5C4A9-D1C7-4AAD-A78B-C704D55FCB4C.jpegSo often we reply with the words, “I’m Fine” when in all honesty, we are far from that fact.  Still, it rolls off the tongue and for the most part and people around us don’t think anything about it and/or if it is true.  Just accepted.

As much as I try not to use this phrase, I found myself using it last week and regretting the words once I let them slip.  I knew the words were not true but came easy.  Thankfully, I have a counselor that picked up on that right away.  Knowing me too well, she called me out on it.

Realizing what I said and this discussion that came afterward, I remembered back many years ago to a time I said it moreso and was told that this phrase, ‘I’m Fine’ EB6DA888-705F-4D9D-B416-87BCBBBC6B4Dmeans another thing for others.  Which is ‘F’d up, Insecure, Neurotic, Emotional’ and from that day, I limited and was cautious of using.  But I did it anyway.

Looking back, I think I was each one of those words that week and by the time meeting with my counselor, open and honest, as my true self came through.  It was a bad week and actually a peek of several weeks of being overwhelmed.  So, it appropriately fit when I said it.

Life can be too much at times.  Perhaps when you hear others say those words, pay attention, take time to listen and show you care.

I know in times past and still, I would love for somebody to just grab me and hug me.  Let me cry.  Tell me I am okay.  Sometimes we just need that.



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