F215FCA7-FBA6-4303-A3E8-0555B9025311Once upon a time…

All the good stories begin like this and what little girls (and boys) dream of but life happens and we just live, but not so happily ever after.

How many are just living but not really happy? That could be anyone, young, old, single, married, divorced.

flat editable vector illustrationJust today, I was reminded by the dumbfounded look I received when trying to mention a simple suggestion, not nagging, but found myself wanting to throw up my hands. I have had this look too many times through the years that makes me feel stupid. Either I am not verbalizing correctly or he is not understanding me. I give up, usually walking away with frustration and complaining under my breath.  My voice remains quiet as we exist under one roof, yet again. Not 316D7FC5-956D-4061-B755-963E4B9DC343worth losing my energy for such a draining moment that repeats each time. All I can guess is that this is just his Aspergers way of comprehending.  Lord, give me strength.

I know there are many marriages and relationships that struggle in one way or another. I have heard too much from many to believe otherwise. I am not alone. Even some people/couples that appear happy, write sweet posts on Facebook, sit on a church pew together and seem to have it all together.  Sad but happens.  Life happens.

I do know and have had to dig my heels in to keep going forward when at times I’d rather dig a hole and crawl in it to disappear, but I must keep my focus on the Lord.  He knows my name and He knows where I am.

So if you are reading this and just existing, know that the Lord loves you, He knows your name and He knows where you are. Trust Him in the process.

086A81D4-74F8-4A8D-ADCC-AEB2BD3F162ATaking care of you also is very important. You matter!

True happiness will only come with knowing the Lord and trusting Him. What happens day in and day out, and around you, happens. With all that, we must go to Him. Sometimes, asking Him what to do and for His Favor or if things went south, for His Forgiveness. I have been on both sides of that many times. His Grace and Mercy is forever.


5 thoughts on “Dumbfounded

  1. tarynsd May 3, 2019 / 2:14 pm

    this post is what drew me to your blog and I have been reading all of your posts for the last few days… this is how I feel… I feel so empty at times in my marriage with him around and he doesn’t get it at times, not all the time, but some times… I don’t even know how to express it to him (he isn’t diagnosed – but our son is)… thank you for sharing your thoughts… thank you…

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    • ponderingmissylou May 3, 2019 / 2:36 pm

      It is not easy and a crazy feeling. Realizing what you are dealing with will help but do not forget who you are and take care of you.
      Thank you for reading my blog. It has been healing for me to write. If I am dealing with things, others are too, as you are. To feel you are not alone is freeing in itself. You are not alone. ML 💕

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    • ponderingmissylou May 3, 2019 / 2:40 pm

      Also, if you are not in counseling for you, do consider. If just talking through things and feel validated, it is taking care of you. A good counselor will listen and help you work with areas and keep you sane. I need that.


      • tarynsd May 4, 2019 / 7:03 pm

        Thanks… I’m going to go back, was for a few months, then got real busy…

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