5812A837-F8EA-44EA-BCC9-71A9E0895813While taking a break from studying since mid-terms, which I feel I did not do well on, I know myself well enough that my thoughts go downhill.  I beat myself up and feel as though everything, everybody and life is against me.  Whoa is me!   I’m sure I am not the only one that hits this wall.  It’s tormenting.

With everything else, the class is just one more heap of coal on my head burying me with defeat.

11E34DD4-73DA-47BD-B0BF-7EF9828BAB9EToday, in between cleaning and laundry, I would check out Pinterest, an enjoyable addiction I have.  Different times, this one post would come before me.  That is one to walk, if just for ten minutes.  Of course, the rebellious, stubborn attitude within me, says NO!  I don’t want to walk, I want to stay inside my four walls and avoid life outside.  Isolation.  Just having an adult hissy fit, for two days, feeling like a child.  4793EE38-CCD8-4B47-9AC5-B90BEC14F3F7

Knowing today was a beautiful day, I finally gave in.  If just ten minutes. Usually, my friend and I walk together two or more miles a day, weather permitting, but she is out of town.  So, who cares if I do or if I don’t?

Off I go with my earbuds and sunglasses, as it was a beautiful day indeed.   I try to listen to Christian messages or music when alone and I chose Joyce Meyer today.  The first message was good but the second was for me.

I love when this happens.  The message is, ‘Overcoming Worry and Anxiety.’  He is with me.  Say that!  Say that, or think that when all hell is breaking apart inside.  He does knows where we are and most importantly, He knows where we are going.  We can rest In Him.  I Am because I Am and we can trust Him.  Believing this, lessens the load on our mind with anxiety and worry.  I know it’s true!  Even when I don’t want to.

Will I fail and mess up again?  Probably so but that’s what is good about God, He has enough mercy and grace to see me through again.  The walk did help my outlook so I am glad I pushed myself while moaning and groaning within, throwing my hissy fit.

You know what?  He knows me and He knows my hissy fits.  He knows why I am experiencing what I am and He sees the tears that fall.  He is with me!

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