Time Flies

4C6249DE-08C3-4EBE-BB38-B22FD92418AEToday is my oldest son’s birthday and he is twenty-nine years old. To those of you who are a mother, no doubt you probably re-live the day you had your child(ren). I tend to go down memory lane each and every year and today is no different.

This morning as I was getting ready to leave the house at 5:45 am to go walk, I thought back of that time twenty-nine years ago. I was just rushed in for an emergency c-section and there was activity all around me but soon a baby boy was in my arms. He was perfect.820A2C9E-E33D-432E-A1C0-2D1A5C6911AC

His birth, making me a first-time mom was life-changing. My faith in the Lord grew, as I admired this little baby, that belongs to me, and I remember saying, ‘how can people not believe in God.’

A profound love was felt deep within me that I never knew existed and this love will never end but will continue to grow stronger.

Happy Birthday Son! Mom ❤️



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