C-PTSD – Oh My!


So many times in life, I see things open up before me and fall into place. Timing is everything. I just smile and say or think, I know that was You Lord, thank you.

About a month ago, I found a page on Facebook of a counselor and she was describing trauma and complex trauma, which caught my attention so I liked and followed her page. Each Sunday evening she would read parts of the book, Complex PTSD From Surviving to Thriving by Pete Walker. I was hooked.546D9801-CA6C-4704-B62F-03E2E21CAD1B

I listened to her read and offer her personal comments, and I listened to it again. I went to the next week’s reading and did the same. This continued for a couple of weeks for me in order to catch up. If I was alone in the office, I would listen while I worked (and may have whistled, too).

All through this listening and soaking the information in, I found myself in awe. Part of me, I felt as though I was in a counseling session, or like an extended session of previous sessions with my former counselor.  It was just odd but awesome, as we had discussed many things within the book. As she read and added tidbits, it made my time listening more personal, just me and her, as if she was reading and talking to me. I just felt this was a pretty cool way for a counselor to do this while also being quarantined but helping others, too.

37AD5A6B-8290-4252-8AB4-AC66E39BD722With everything regarding this book being read and being discussed, I knew I wanted this book before her next reading. This was surreal, too many things were lining up and connecting with this book and my former counseling, as I mentioned earlier. Honestly, I thought many times and wondered why my counselor did not just hand me this book and say, read it. Then again, timing. I would not have been ready to understand, relate or grasp. Amazing.

So, of course, I ordered the book. What would we do without Amazon Prime? I was going to be ready for the next reading of this book.

So as in the title, ‘From Striving to Thriving,’ I really do expect that I will not be the same after going through this book and the quarantine, I don’t want to be. I have been on a quest to be a better me for years now, as I want more. So as the dots connect, I thought it would be fun to work through this book and share, if just for me.





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