Tick Tock

6E15D8C5-7DAC-48AD-8A1D-964024206324Almost time!  It’s almost time to partay.  Plus, I’m to the point of it is what it is.  Food is planned and will be made.  Gifts are bought and wrapped.  House is clean to the visible eye, I hope.  Hey, we live here.

I look forward to the day although I will be glad it’s over. As most, exhaustion happens.  Please tell me I am not alone.  It has to be normal or is that just the setting on the dryer?

It will be fun and there will be laughter of my grown children home again to share along with my husbands family.   It’s time to enjoy and be mindful of the moments and the day that is before me.

Year after year when this day comes, I know that memories of my own family comes into play and once again the need to shake the sadness of them all no more.  Plus, I know all so well what is ahead.

They will all leave and go about their lives, the Christmas Hallmark movies go off the air for another year, the Christmas music that started way too early is now no more played and all the pretty lights and decorations come down and go back into storage.  January is such a let down and so sad, always in my book.

For now, let’s celebrate the joy of Christmas and remember why we do, the birth of Jesus.


Merry Christmas

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