What To Do

Have you ever just thrown up your hands and think or say, just forget it, I don’t know what to do? The anxiousness and sadness takes over and complete shutdown, in my case anyway.

Perhaps it is just this year that is more than enough for us all to handle. I know my home situation is part and has changed, something is not right. That gut feeling. So many things I need to do in order to tie up details. It will get done but I am overwhelmed. One good thing, years ago, I was at this crossroad of an issue that I had no ideal how to conquer. I repeatedly stated to my counselor, it was too big to conquer but I did it. So knowing I conquered that, I can conquer this also that is in front of me. I have hope, it’s in me even though hopelessness is, too.

Even with this Word Press blogging. I am debating whether to just stop, even though I enjoy. Well, until this last change in the update with the block editor. I find myself totally frustrated. It is not user friendly and takes longer than I desire to deal with. Bottom line, I hate change. So in this situation, I may or may not continue due to the update that I hate. I don’t know what to do with even this, although I know I will miss sharing my life that hopefully resonates with others.

With that and if you have been one to read my blogs, to mark a ‘like’ or commented, and a follower, please know I appreciate and thank you. I have used this as a test to see if anything I write is worth pursuing in another way, such as a book. A dream I have always had through the years.

What to do and in so many areas is, like I said, overwhelming. What I do know what to do is to Be Still and Trust the Lord. He is not deaf to my prayers. I know He collects my tears, a lot lately. I know He sees me and He knows my name and where I am, even when I feel lost.

This has been just a crazy year for all of us. Many are handling it and adapting and for the most part, I feel that I have done well. The loneliness I think we all feel to a point is hard. The lack of smiles hidden behind the masks, whether it be ours or another of those we pass by, as it is really hard to tell. The lack of socializing is lacking due to the social distancing. We will get through this.

Bottom line, when you or I don’t know what to do, you stand and wait upon The Lord.

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