Catch a Blowing Kiss 💋

13729142-69e8-4743-9feb-2efad95e868e-12389-00000b92ef91368dBlow me a kiss and I will grab it.  Mine to cherish, remember and treasure.

Many of you reading may not understand why a kiss blown is so special to me; but for those who did not receive openly, expressed love growing up, it is a moment etched in the brain of the receiver.  A gift.  7B94430B-9382-470E-B3E0-C8DA6D2D98F5

Today, I just so happened to see someone that is special to me and I have missed. While only passing in the car and the kiss she blew to me, it meant so much.  To know she was happy to see me in passing and cared enough to do that, my heart felt full. 💕

Many friends and families throw around the words ‘I Love You’ and kisses on the cheek given so quickly and freely, although love through it all, too, I find it to be just because that is what you do.  Meaningful feelings sometimes I feel are overlooked, just expected. I do not know really because I never had that so when it does happen, a sincere tight hug or like today, a kiss blown toward me showing they cared, touches my heart deeply.


It is when and I know so well, the quiet, lonely times of feeling desolate from friends and family and that nobody cares.   Thankfully, faith arises knowing the Lord loves me and is always there for me.  I have to depend upon Him to love me and I have to accept His Love, then peace comes.



POST BLOG 4/26/20  Maybe I did not see her blowing a kiss but maybe it was just a sign language sign of thank you. I don’t know. I question myself and have this whole time.  Sometimes we hear what we want to hear and perhaps we see what we want to see.  As I watch the sign language interpreter today regarding the COVID19 doing the ‘thank you’ sign, I am actually saddened for I did see what I wanted to see, as I needed that so much. What if wrong, I’m embarrassed. What if correct, very pleased.  Either way, grief exists. Today is not a good day. 😭


2 thoughts on “Catch a Blowing Kiss 💋

  1. aljollie April 7, 2019 / 10:29 pm

    I loved the pink image and the words, I can hug you but God can envelope you!

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